Thursday, March 14, 2013

Mt. Hood Family History Conference

Last Friday I spoke at the Mt. Hood Family History Conference in Boring, Oregon. Susan LeBlanc, of Gopher Genealogy, wrote about the conference and I don’t want to repeat what she said, but I would like to commend the organizers and volunteers.

Patti Paxton and all the volunteers organized a wonderful genealogy event. From the moment I walked in the door there were volunteers ready to help. There was a VIP room for the presenters stocked with all sorts of food and plenty of bottled water. It’s sometimes surprising how much water one drinks when talking so much! It was nice to have a place to relax, store our belongings when needed, and meet other presenters.

 So, thanks everyone involved in the conference. The organizers did a wonderful job. It was a most comfortable and pleasant experiences. And thanks to the attendees; I enjoy talking to everyone and hearing their stories.

 You meet a lot of great people at conference. I often wonder what people really think of my presentations. Do they learn anything; is this something they will use? I had one session on Orphan Trains. The United States wasn’t the only country practicing “placing out”.  Two people in the class had British Home Children in their family.  At the end of the class there was a woman waiting patiently to speak to me. She was obviously very emotional and related a family story to me. I won’t share, it is her story. It involved a family mystery of sorts, and some of the information I presented may help solve it. I would certainly be willing to help solve that one. I hope she will let me know.

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