The Bulletin of the Genealogical Forum of Oregon

September 2013
ProGen Study Groups

September 2012
Placing Out: The Story of America’s Orphan Train Children

June 2012
Join or Die: The French and Indian War

December 2011
Myths and Misconceptions: Reconsidering the Revolutionary War
 Carol Surrency, Harvey Steele and Judith Scott 

December 2011
The Battle of Blue Licks: The Last battle of the Revolutionary War

March 2011
Old South Portland

June 2010
Beaman Keepsakes: The Letters of Oscar Wakefield Beaman and
 Sally Maud Minton

March 2009
The Changing Face of Oregon

September 2009
West Virginia Research

December 2008
The Civil War Comes to Oregon
September 2008 

June 2012
 A Clash of Conviction in North Carolina
 1st Place 2012  GFO Writing Contest

September 2007
To Mingo We Come Creeping, The Redneck War on Blair Mountain
1st Place 2007 GFO Writing Contest

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